What is simCEO?

an entrepreneurship  financial literacy cross-disciplinary simulation

 Create A Company 

Learners create a business plan and manage their own company

simCEO Stock Market

 Manage A Portfolio 

Buy/Sell shares within your
"market" to make your fortune

Be The Best Investor
Be The Best CEO

21st Century Skills in Action

A New Model in Games-Based Learning


Instructors create the environment and market conditions. Learners create their own companies to best meet those needs.


Critical Thinking

Learners evaluate and invest in companies to determine quality. Learners adjust companies based on news and announcements in an open-ended, dynamic environment.



Beyond content recall, learners must apply knowledge intelligently and communicate effectively to persuade investors.



Compete in teams or individually. Either way, the social learning allows everyone to see various solutions to problems, strengthening understanding and quality.


Dynamic 21st Century learning environments are ever-changing, asking learners to intelligently apply content knowledge for a specific purpose
  • Dynamic Information
  • News Article

evaluate others



Prices Change
Conditions Change

Review for potential



Adjust business plan
Buy/Sell shares Loans/Deposits



Add News Articles
Add Announcements
Add Components to
the Business Plan

We're Unique

Take a look at what sets simCEO apart as a resource for financial literacy and entrepreneurship

... and as a resource to change learning through innovative game design

"The heart and soul of the company is creativity and innovation." Bob Iger

When students are asked to be creative, it produces natural engagement in learning. Let's start early in developing this important 21st century skill.

Your Content.
Applied in Action.

Teachers create the environment to match content.
• A company to thrive in the Civil War? No problem.
• Create an eco-friendly company? Got it.
• Science related company? That works too!
Integrate content by adding news and assignments to target learning at your students' level.

Experiential Learning in the classroom

When we place students in a specific role, goal, and context in an open-ended environment, we unleash experiential learning. Learning by doing!

Shouldn’t Learning Be Fun??

Students do more than answer questions and interact with the programming. They critique (and learn from) each other when deciding which companies to invest in. Guaranteed to make learning fun and engaging.

21st Century Learning

Investing and business concepts are assessed, recorded and shared to personalize the learning of each student. But big deal! The real test is whether students can use their knowledge to create and communicate quality solutions to influence others.

Expanded Financial Content

You will find students talking shop - stocks, mutual funds, loans and deposits- all while engaged in your classroom content

A more realistic time-frame

Evaluating stocks over a few weeks is a short-term investment window. A 10-year fictional period promotes a long-term approach. Even better, you determine the real timeframe of the simulation to integrate with the units of your choice.

Creators & Evaluators

Students create; but they’re not done there. While they continue to analyze news and make adjustments, they are simultaneously evaluating the actions taken by others, taking peer assessment to a whole new level !

Complex to simple

What does a student really understand about the complexity of buying stocks in real companies? What if students were valuing companies in their simplest form-the products & services delivered and the business adjustments along the way. Want to make things more complex? No problem. You’re in control.

simCEO Community

You’re never alone! If you are a bit hesitant about a stock market simulation browse, and borrow ideas from previous instructors. Once you get the hang of it, your creativity is the spark that fuels other educators and further builds the simCEO community.

24/7 Access

Students can access this web-based game from home or school. This also means it's easy to invite community mentors to help review student ideas!

Quality work produced by and for students

Creating an authentic audience for student work can be difficult; students say, "Who are you kidding?" With simCEO, students know the goal and the audience, so quality answers are imperative to attract investors. We want to make “Why are we doing this?” a thing of the past!

Student Actions = Dynamic Environment

Try this in a real stock market! Not likely. Students buy shares and prices increase instantly, increasing the ownership of decisions (and the fun!). Student choices have an impact. As the environment changes, students must stay on their toes to create and adjust solutions.


We agree! tapping into the best model of social learning, simCEO places students in “real-world” scenarios where students learn from and with one another.

simCEO: Dynamic, Open-Ended, and Unique

With a clear goal without a specific pathway, simCEO goes beyond a scripted simulation game; So it’s always unique and dynamic - kind of like the real world, huh?

Providing A Context for the Content

Students may find Roman history lacks relevance. Introducing financial activities like budgeting can be seen as just another math lesson. By placing students in the right context, the puzzle all fits together; they have an authentic purpose to critically read, write, and analyze.