Wizard: Getting Started
Step 1: Register New Teacher
Create a username and password
Step 2: Buy SimCredits
After logging in, buy simCredits: 1 simCredit = 1 student
Step 3: Create a New Simulation
Redeem your simCredits to create and name your simulation.
Step 4: Open Simulation
Click on the simName
Step 5: Enter Your Simulation
View your SimHome page. (Further setup details within.)
Are you an Edmodo User?
If you are an Edmodo User ( Teacher or Student ) please use the Launch Application button form inside your Edmodo acccount in order to log back into simCEO.
New student: join now!


Live Support!
Not sure how all of this works?

SimCEO is set up to be customized by "you" to meet "your needs". But with choices, you might have some questions about what is possible and how it all fits together.

We are here to help by providing extraordinary customer service. Our help videos, FAQ page and ticketed Support Center provide answers to specific questions. And we are happy to provide a free 30 minute video training session with one of our representatives.

To set up your session, contact info@simceo.org .

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